The Week in Social Media Platform Changes

If you're like me, you can't go a day unplugged without feeling behind on the latest products, initiatives and platform changes on social media. Here's what you missed this week.
  1. Snapchat claims it has tripled its video views since May, to 6 billion a day. The important takeaway here is growth, as the actual view numbers are likely inflated & not an apples-to-apples comparison to Facebook or YouTube views.
  2. Facebook launched its notifications app, and I immediately deleted 70% of my iPhone news apps and unsubscribed to countless newsletters. Sorry, Apple. This is a game changer.
  3. Tumblr introduced an internal messenger. This might seem like Tumblr is playing catch-up with Facebook and Whatsapp, but the discovery potential for people united only by common interests is huge.
  4. Facebook stole the thunder from the NYT's terrific VR initiative by rolling out 360 video capacity with a number of impressive launch partners, including an amazing look into the origins of the Ebola crisis from Frontline.
  5. WGBH News' Nikki Blank penned a smart look into how political reporters are reaching younger audiences using Snapchat.
  6. First Facebook hacked facial recognition to save you from manually tagging your friends. Now Pinterest makes it easy for you to find individual products inside pins- though a new in-pin search feature.
  7. You can now subscribe to your favorite journalist or celebrity's Facebook Live feed, so you get a notification whenever they start a new stream.
  8. Facebook was busy this week: rumor has it they're testing an ephemeral messaging option in Messenger. Choose the option and your note will disappear after an hour.