This Week in Social Media Changes

  1. Meerkat is done with live video, instead focusing on group video chat, leaving the field to giants Twitter (Periscope) and Facebook (Facebook Live).
  2. Spotify has integrated with Facebook Messenger, allowing people to share their playlists directly in chats with friends or groups. Spotify joins Uber and Voice Memos that have integrated their apps onto the platform.
  3. Wordpress now has a plug-in that will help publishers post articles as Facebook Instant Articles, once the IA format goes live for all publishers in April.
  4. Reddit makes its first official push toward welcoming brands, by providing data and reports that show how well Reddit ads perform and by showing general brand sentiment on the platform.
  5. Facebook announced tools to advertisers posting video: brands can now include a call-to-action button within a video, directing people to fill out contact forms.
  6. Facebook Atlas (the ad server that allows advertisers to serve ads on other publications and websites) now allows marketers to upload their own point-of-sale data and view it alongside their ad campaigns. They are also offering metrics showing the path to conversion, and plan to offer video ads off Facebook in the near future.
  7. You can now click links in Twitter Moments. These links are Google AMP versions (Google’s version of Instant Articles) that load faster and are optimized for mobile.
  8. Facebook has acquired the app Masquerade, that puts filters and special effects on images and videos. Think Snapchat filters for Facebook.
  9. Facebook Lite (previously called, the low data-usage Facebook app designed for places around the world with slower Internet speeds. Has hit 100 million users.