This Week in Social Media Changes

Algorithm fever! Google Plus is not dead! Is this description under 140 characters?
  1. Instagram announces it is turning to an algorithmic newsfeed, instead of showing all posts from those you follow in chronological order. The algorithm will favor posts based on user behaviors, as does other major social networks like Facebook and most recently Twitter.
  2. NowThis will be the next Snapchat Discover publisher. A Re/Code article states that the publisher will have 10 people working exclusively on Snapchat content each day.
  3. Instant Articles are shared more often and increase referral traffic. But story from Business Insider says not all publishers are seeing an increase in reach, and monetization continues to be a challenge.
  4. A new Google feature called “Google Posts” allows journalists, celebrities, and influential organizations to share images, video and text to surface among specific Google search results. At the moment, it is open only to presidential candidates. Try this now by searching for Bernie Sanders on Google.
  5. Twitter’s algorithm rolls out to everyone. It is now the default timeline globally — although you can still opt out in Settings.
  6. An algorithm may have rolled out, but Twitter has decided to NOT expand its 140 character limit as rumored in January. Keep those character counts tight, everyone.
  7. Another change with Twitter: you no longer have to log in to TweetDeck separately from Twitter. This allows better flow between TweetDeck to, another step Twitter is taking to make using the platform easier for beginner and intermediate users.
  8. BuzzFeed launched a new ad format called “Swarm” that runs campaigns across all distributed properties including social platforms Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.
  9. Facebook is working on a setting that lets you disable those pesky notifications for Facebook Live video. That setting will be available in the next few weeks. For now, hit the “Live Subscribe” button at the top of a streaming video to turn off notifications.
  10. Facebook is developing software that scans posts for neologisms, or “emerging terms and nicknames” and stores them in a social glossary. This software could identify new terms and slang before they become popular.
  11. As we saw with item #4, Google has not given up on G+! This week they hired the founder of 4Chan to join the G+ team, a move that seems consistent with Google’s recent pivot to focus G+ on photos and communities.
  12. A new metrics tool for Facebook advertisers is called “Lift API,” that allows you to study conversion rates, sales and mobile app installs around Facebook campaigns.
  13. Twitter publishes new research that shows TV viewers who engage on Twitter are more likely to remember and have a positive response to commercials – especially if they express emotions while Tweeting.