Another Facebook algorithm change? Say it ain't so.
  1. It’s been 10 months since we last freaked out about Facebook taking our content, so we’re due. Later this spring Facebook is set to announce that Messenger will let publishers distribute their content automatically through the app.
  2. Facebook changes its algorithm to emphasize Live videos. Facebook says that Live videos already see triple the viewing time of other videos, and with prime News Feed placement this gap will only widen.
  3. Snapchat’s web presence ( launches during the Oscars, marking the first time that Snapchat content can be seen outside of the app itself. is so far showing Live Stories exclusively.
  4. Facebook is testing a potential olive branch to publishers freaking out about giving away their content to a third party platform: email newsletter sign-ups at the bottom of Instant Articles.
  5. Facebook @ Work is launching soon, and the Financial Times will be one of the first users of Facebook’s version of a social network for businesses.
  6. Facebook launches a new video creation tool called "Your Business Story,” which lets brands overlay photos from their Pages and add music to tell their story. There are over 43 billion connections between businesses and consumers on the site.
  7. YouTube creators now have the ability to blur out any object in their videos, in addition to faces.
  8. Instagram blocks deeplinking to other social media profiles: you can no longer ask your Instagram followers to add/follow your other third party social accounts.
  9. Facebook Live video is now available for Android users and in 30 more countries.
  10. Snapchat pushes publishers to sell Discovery inventory on an audience basis, not via exclusive sponsorship deals as current Discover partners control.
  11. You can now use email to invite people to Facebook events, whether or not they're Facebook users.
  12. New numbers: One-third of all mobile users expected to be on Instagram in 2016. The new encrypted messaging app Telegram has 100 million users. Snapchat is reportedly getting 8 billion video views a day, a stat that puts them on par with Facebook’s video consumption.