This week in social media platform changes

  1. Facebook now supports 360 videos and photos within Instant Articles.
  2. Facebook adds tools to business Pages, including a prominent button that allows you to directly buy, order, recommend, or attend an Event.
  3. Snapchat is switching up the way it pays its Discover publishers, paying media companies up front instead of letting publishers split the ad revenue from their channels.
  4. Instagram is now featuring Stories in its Explore tab.
  5. Facebook announces a scheduling feature for Live, allowing you to create a link up to a week in advance. You are also able to publish an announcement that people can subscribe to (and get a notification when the event is live); and gather audiences in a "waiting room" up to 3 minutes ahead of the live broadcast.
  6. The new Periscope Producer is the equivalent to the Facebook Live API, allowing high-quality broadcasts from multiple source inputs.
  7. Signal, Facebook's platform for journalists, now includes Live broadcasts, replacing the Storyful NewsWire.
  8. Facebook adds video and carousel ad options to Instant Articles. (This impacts two of three ways people can monetize Instant Articles: through directly-sold ads, Facebook’s Audience Network, or branded content.)
  9. Facebook is testing advertising based on topics and individual identifiers in Groups.
  10. Facebook introduces a new feature that lets you stream clips from Facebook onto Apple TV or other AirPlay devices.
  11. Twitter introduces "Explore" in the Moments tab. (The update makes the tab look similar to the Stories page on Snapchat.)
  12. Does this sound familiar? Pinterest is working on its own “Explore” tab for featured video and multimedia.
  13. Facebook launches a separate Events app, that sends you reminders about your Events or pending invites, sends recommendations for events, plus provides map links and points out things to do that users' friends are attending.
  14. Facebook is working on a "social hangout spot" where up to 8 people can experience VR together.
  15. New study: Snapchat is the most popular social site for teens, with 80% using the platform monthly. 79% of teens are active on Instagram monthly, and 52% use Facebook monthly.
  16. And in other news: Pinterest likely is now bigger in the U.S. than Twitter, with 70 million monthly users versus Twitter’s 66 million as of June 30.