This Week in Social Media Platform Changes

  1. Nielsen announced an expansion of the Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings to include Facebook conversation data. The new rating system, called "Social Content Ratings," will measure conversation about original video programming on TV on Twitter, Facebook, and soon Instagram.
  2. ... And without delay, Facebook rolled out Step #1 to second-screen domination (historically seen as Twitter's domain): Sports Stadium. This new Facebook feature pulls in live sports scores and updates, plus posts and comments from both friends and influencers.
  3. LinkedIn referral traffic is increasing. The cause: new features on Pulse, LinkedIn’s news aggregation app, have made it easier for users to find and read publisher content.
  4. Weibo beats Twitter to the punch and drops its 140-character limit. When the change rolls out to all users, posts will max out at 2,000 characters.
  5. WhatsApp will start inviting businesses onto their network and will start building tools that allow businesses (& publishers!) to communicate with users. Some immediate things that will be built first: analytics, 1-to-many infrastructure, bots.
  6. Facebook launched an “Audience Optimization” tool for publishers, a robust set of new filters and targets that help you improve the relevancy of each post by indicating who is most likely to engage with it.
  7. Digiday reported this week that Pinterest plans to roll out a video ad unit, as part of a larger push to make video a more important part of the Pinterest experience.
  8. What did I miss? Let me know in the comments.