1. You now have the ability to mute specific conversations and filter out specific keywords or phrases on Twitter.
  2. Mobile Pinterest users can now mark a pin when they’ve tried an item (like a recipe or a product). You can also now track pins tried by others, as a way of getting a recommendation from the community.
  3. New Facebook Live feature: You can now pin a comment at the bottom of your broadcast, making it even easier to manage engagement while interacting with your live audience.
  4. Interest lists are being retired on Facebook sad.
  5. Facebook Messenger launches “Rooms,” which allows users to have topic-based group discussions with others beyond their friend networks.
  6. Instagram Live is coming… soon!
  7. Twitter’s new Android TV app lets viewers live stream Thursday Night Football directly from TV screens, while viewing popular tweets and other relevant Periscope streams through the app.
  8. Facebook makes two big purchases: CrowdTangle, that helps publishers identify great stories, measure social performance, and identify influencers; and FacioMetrics, that provides tools for facial detection and facial modification (think Snapchat’s “face swap”) and facial analysis that includes behavior and demographics.
  9. Pinterest launches Explore, which features trending pins and native videos. Inside Explore is "Today's Picks" which is a personalized recommendation list, and "Topics," which surfaces popular content based on current interests.
  10. The Facebook Pages app has a new “universal inbox” feature that shows incoming messages, mentions and comments across Facebook platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger).
  11. Snapchat advertisers can now tap into Foursquare data (that maps 90 million locations) when running geofilter campaigns. This will allow a someone to target a specific store with a geofilter, rather than a larger geographic location.
  12. Facebook announces errors in Insights and steps they will take to add more oversight to metrics. You can get into the nitty gritty below, or skip to #14.
    1) Organic reach shown on Insights was supposed to show unique visitors, but instead showed a sum of daily organic reach. They've corrected to show a de-duplicated number. 2) Page's organic reach will now be based on "viewable impressions," which measures NOT by how many News Feeds the post is placed in, but how many times a post enters a person's screen. 3) Facebook had been undercounting video views to completion; you might see an uptick in "video watches at 100%" metric.
  13. Facebook metric errors, continued:
    4) Average time spent on Instant Articles was over-reported by an average of 7-8% since August; they've adjusted and fixed the error. 5) Referrals to apps or a website were counting all clicks on the content, not specifically clicks on the referral button. They overstated this by about 6% on average.
  14. Due to these errors and the controversial “average minutes viewed” error earlier this year, Facebook has announced a number of new measures to address metrics inconsistencies.
    1) They now provide third-party verification for all ads. 2) Native video and Live video will now be included in Nielsen's Digital Content Ratings. 3) They launched a new blog called "Metrics FYI" for updates and bug reports. 4) They launched a new Measurement Council to develop metrics standards.
  15. A new app called “FbStart” will allow those creating bots for Facebook Messenger to look for patterns in how different demographics are interacting with their bot.
  16. Facebook launches a new Jobs feature on Pages for admins to create job postings and receive applications from candidates.
  17. After a Propublica investigation exposed some of Facebook's ad targeting as discriminatory, Facebook announces that it will stop allowing employment, housing and credit-related ads to run that target by “ethnic affinity."
  18. Three new updates from Periscope:
    1) A "Superfans" feature shows broadcasters their 10 most engaged viewers. The Superfans are identified by an icon and an engagement score. 2) Ability to create Groups to share videos with. This expands targeting ability and introduces the idea of creating content for specific audiences. 3) You can now login via the Periscope.tv website, and watch/engage with live videos from the site.
  19. Facebook is adding a feature that adapts your video into the style of a specific artist, like Pablo Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh. This is using a new artificial intelligence technology called "neural networks."