This Week in Social Media Platform Changes

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    Twitter adds "Conversational ads," a feature for promoted tweets that include a call to action button with customizable hashtags that encourage engagement and "voting.”
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    The Twitter rumor mill had a field day this week: Re/code broke the news that Twitter might abolish their 140 character rule, possibly allowing tweets up to 10,000 characters in length. This leak has led to a major debate on, you guessed it: Twitter. Also follow #EditTweet for a revitalized conversation about a tool to edit tweets.
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    Snapchat adds the Wall Street Journal channel, the 19th publisher to join Discover but the first US newspaper. WSJ plans to feature core coverage as well as luxury and lifestyle features on their channel.
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    Facebook announces that toward the end of 2015, 800 million people used Messenger each month. In a blog post, the Messenger product team predicted some 2016 trends for messaging like “the disappearance of the phone number” and “threads of the new apps” (all of which coincidentally are good news for Messenger).
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    Snapchat’s Lens Store will shutter tonight at midnight (January 8), only two months after launch. Lenses ($.99 each) were the first example of in-app Snapchat purchases. Now the platform has signaled a new direction for its advertising business (see #6).
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    Snapchat signals that it plans to launch an advertising API. Such a system would allow more types of ads, including those with calls to action like “download this app” or “buy this product."
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    Social Flow (a social content scheduler and analytics platform) partnered with Time Inc. to add “Real Time,” which pushes out ads to social platforms based on what content is trending.
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    The latest deep dive into Facebook's News Feed API (from Slate writer Will Oremus – read it!) includes a fantastic interactive quiz that helps you understand the shifts in how Facebook prioritizes content today.
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    Last but not least: thanks to @jessicantrell for suggesting I add the new iOS app Peach. Peach is from the founder of Vine, and is described as a mix between Twitter and Slack. You post by activating trigger words that allow you to add a GIF, location, song or doodle. Everyone is OBSESSED. We'll see if it lasts till Monday.