This Week in Social Media Platform Changes

What did I miss? Let me know in comments.
  1. Snapchat is doing its own politics show: Good Luck America, is a new show Discover, focused on American politics and the 2016 presidential election.
  2. Facebook expands Live Video to all iPhone users, beginning with those in the US. Just go to your “update status” tab, select “live video” and you’re good to go! See you on Facebook.
  3. Twitter expands pre-roll options for ads. Ads are now allowed to be 30 seconds (so you don't have to produce specifically for Twitter, you can upload an existing 30 second spot) and are now skippable.
  4. Last night, Google rolled out their own curated “social” feed during the Fox News GOP Debate. When you searched for any debate keyword, Google surfaced a curated section from the candidates, a sponsored poll asking for your opinion on the debate, relevant news articles, relevant tweets, and a curated selection of Fox News articles.
  5. Numbers from Facebook's quarterly earnings report: Users watch 100 million hours of video per day on Facebook; 500 million people watch Facebook video every day. Yowzers.
  6. Facebook Reactions are coming. There will be six. "Like" is one of them. "Dislike" is not.
  7. Facebook is testing an improved in-app browser. Changes: You can input new URLs to go to another page within Facebook; A bar tells you how popular a post is; New back and forward buttons; Bookmarking for pages available; a Menu button. This combined w/ Facebook Instant Articles is strengthening the platform to give you zero excuse to ever leave it.
  8. Snapchat could be getting a new design, as well as the option to accept audio and video calls.
  9. In an attempt to get VIPs to stay happy and engaged with the platform, Twitter has turned off ads for a small group of high profile users. I am not one of the lucky few.
  10. Facebook has integrated Tor into the latest FB Android release, ensuring that a user's location remains private.