This Week in Social Media Platform Changes

  1. Instagram rolls out a personalized video channel, "Videos You Might Like," and "Featured" channels filled with videos on specific topics.
  2. Facebook algorithm change alert: For your link posts, Facebook will evaluate how long people are reading after clicking the link (no matter if it directs you to an Instant Article or a mobile web browser). The idea is that the newsfeed will surface posts that it thinks you will want to click on, and spend time reading.
  3. Snapchat debuts "3D stickers" that you can pin to objects in a video. To use them, record a video, tap the sticker button at the top of the screen (for Android, soon on iOS), place the sticker over the moving object, and long-press on the sticker.
  4. Periscope is testing “Sketching,” a feature that allows you to draw on top of live feeds. The doodles fade out after a few seconds.
  5. Here’s a list of ways you can monetize on Facebook. Now: Branded content, take a cut of ad revenue Facebook earns from placing posts, Donate buttons on Pages, ads inside Instant Articles.
    Potentially in the near future: A "tip jar" where users can donate on individual posts, a "Call to action" button on posts, a "Sponsor marketplace" to match users and advertisers, Branded content/ads in "Suggested videos,” Pre-roll or mid-roll within Live videos.