1. Facebook is shutting down Notify, its news notification app, which makes me very sad. I subscribed to both local and national breaking news as well as local food and culture publishers, and it was a great way for me to keep up to speed with a glance.
  2. Snapchat now has 150 million active daily users — more than Twitter (140m). This number is up from 110 million daily users Snapchat reported back in December.
  3. Facebook's LiveRail programmatic video ad exchange business is shutting down (LiveRail provided a set of tools to sell Web video ads). But it is reported that the “LiveRail” brand will remain for new Facebook video ad offerings.
  4. New Business Tools for Instagram: Business profiles, insights, the ability to turn successful posts into ads.
  5. Mary Meeker’s annual Internet trends report (Google it, it’s worth the hour to dig into) shows the massive potential for messaging apps, the rise of Snapchat and social streaming, and the monetization potential for social images.
  6. Nuzzle introduces a content curation tool for newsletters, a newsletter-building tool through which authors can select recommended content from your or your friends’ Nuzzel news feeds, plus add stories from other sources.
  7. The most popular messaging app on Android is WhatsApp, which is used in 109 countries. Facebook's own Messenger app is a distant second, topping the charts in 49 countries. Other top messaging apps: Viber, Line, WeChat and Telegram.