This Week in Social Media Platform Changes

  1. Instagram rolls out view counts for videos.
  2. Facebook improves Instant Articles advertising, allowing more ads per article. IA publishers now report the same revenue from Instant Articles as pageviews on their own mobile properties.
  3. Twitter is opening its doors to people without Twitter accounts and users who are not presently signed in.
  4. Snapchat plans to let users subscribe to their favorite Discover channels. (Also a possibility: Snapchat might send push notifications to users alerting them that their favorite publishers have new content.)
  5. Facebook introduced auto-captioning for video ads (which can be previewed before publishing), an extension of the "100% in-view" buying option worldwide, the option to pay only when the entire ad (top to bottom) has passed through the news feed, and a new metric so advertisers can see the % of people who viewed the video with sound on.
  6. Switching accounts in Instagram is live. When you've added one or more additional accounts, you can switch between them by tapping on your username at the top or your profile.
  7. New Twitter ad option: You can buy a "first view" ad, meaning it will appear in a targeted user's timeline before he/she has to scroll down or refresh.
  8. Twitter is testing a GIF button.
  9. Crowdtangle now works for Reddit: Now you can easily track subreddits or keywords, be automatically notified if there is a thread starting to take off, get regular digests of the biggest posts, track which subreddits are the most active, or see whenever one of your articles is being talked about.
  10. WhatsApp hits 1 billion users, sharing 42 billion messages and 1.6 billion photos each day.
  11. Oh, yeah. Twitter introduced an algorithm. They're rolling it out slowly, showing around 12 tweets at a time for users who opt in. This will become the default soon. What triggers the algorithm? Tweets you interact with, topics you’re interested in, activity of people who are similar to you.