I am beyond stunned how in an instant Zuckerberg changed the game again. Read on to hear about Instagram Stories and other important changes to social media platforms.
  1. Instagram Stories: You can now create short form video and image “Stories” that disappear from Instagram after 24 hours. Sound familiar? This in my opinion is one of the best business moves I’ve seen in years – directly tackling the problem of declining posts from younger social users on Facebook and Instagram. Some more details:
    1- Stories appear across a top bar on your Instagram feed, separate from your IG posts. 2- Stories allow text and drawing tools. 3- New updates display a multicolor ring around the Story. 4- Tap the images/video to jump forward, or comment via Instagram Direct. 5- Hide your Stories from individual accounts or selections of those that follow you. 6- Swipe up in your Story to see who has viewed that Snap (I mean… um…Segment) 7- You can post any part of your story at any time as a regular IG post.
  2. The Facebook Pages layout change is here! The changes, which are desktop only, are: 1) Profile photos appear at the top left, and no longer cover a part of the cover image. 2) New navigation to access different sections of the FB Page. 3) A prominent blue call to action button (Book Now, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch Video, Learn More).
  3. Instagram will soon allow users to filter their own comment streams (or completely turn off comments). You will be able to hide comments containing a default list of keywords and a custom list of keywords you provide. This is available to Verified Accounts only for now.
  4. Facebook is testing midroll video spots from big publishers within its live streams. The ads would be the first to be introduced inside video on the platform, reportedly displaying after five minutes of broadcast for 15 seconds or less, and marketers can chose to opt out of the feature.
  5. Twitter officially rolls out stickers for everyone.
  6. Facebook announces a new commitment to downgrade clickbait headlines in link posts. In a new blog post Facebook, elaborates what makes a clickbait headline: A) The headline withholds information required to understand the content of the article, and B) the headline exaggerates the article to create a misleading expectation.
    This announcement not a shock -- Facebook has announced previous algorithm changes to de-value clickbait in the newsfeed – but it shows just how difficult a time the platform has had enforcing the distinction between clickbait and valuable headlines.
  7. Nielsen announced the launch of Social Content Ratings, which for the first time incorporates Facebook insights as well as Twitter, reporting on metrics that include Total Interactions and Unique Interactions around TV programming.
  8. The NFL joins Snapchat Discover. The NFL Channel will have new content 7 days a week; the commitment also includes Live Stories for all NFL games and customized geofilters for every NFL stadium.
  9. This fall, video.twitter.com will turn into "Media Studio," with new features for uploading and analyzing your rich media (video, GIFs, & images).
  10. Facebook tests new video features on its Android app, including a dedicated video tab with a search engine, subscription-based video channels, and the potential for ad targeting in the video tab (keyword based and interest based).
  11. New functionality for Twitter Ads: You can now segment information with custom filters, and customize the metrics you track and report.