This Week in Social Media Platform Changes

  1. On the mobile Facebook app, specialized interest feeds are being tested (replacing the traditional main News Feed). In theory, you could swipe between your main News Feed and "Style," "Travel," "Headlines," etc.
  2. Snapchat has (re)debuted its own Discover channel, which so far has focused on music-related content.
  3. Facebook has indicated that you will soon be able to hail an Uber using Messenger. This follows the lead of chat apps like WeChat and KakaoTalk that allow you to conduct transactions and access other third-party services from within their apps.
  4. Pinterest now can notify you (in app or via email) when the price drops on a buyable pinned item.
  5. The posting of “hateful conduct" has been banned on Twitter, a change aimed to combat the use of Twitter by ISIS & hate groups for recruitment and propaganda. The revised hateful conduct rules: "You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people" based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, etc
  6. The Twitter for Mac app has been updated. It now supports inline videos and GIFs, group Dms and other features that have been part of Twitter’s mobile app for ages. Do me a favor: If you’re using Twitter on a Mac, download Tweetdeck instead.
  7. Facebook @ Work is coming. This work-friendly version of your favorite social platform allows you to connect with people (by “following” instead of “friending”), message them, interact through groups, and share content, documents and more. If the rumors are true, FB @ Work will be launching early in the new year.