I am the worst at speaking when I don't know what to say. The past few days have been especially bad.
  1. "With great fortune comes great responsibility."
    My friend said she bought a lot of cookies.
  2. "You know what they say about your retirement fund, start saving while you can!"
    When another college student told me they also had no money left in their savings account.
  3. "One can only do so much."
    When someone asked me if I was going to be late to class.
  4. "Help is not a solution, but another problem."
    A friend asked me to help them figure out how to be a pro at using Google drive.
  5. "Only time will tell."
    When someone asked me if our dining hall stopped making smoothies.
  6. "Mountains are high, but the valleys are few."
    My friend said they were worried about all the tests they had this week.
  7. I knew they would find each other. The world is only so big.