Things I did before anyone else tbh

  1. Amelie's
    Been going there since I was 10. Used to be my place of refuge away from fellow Myers Park teens, now I can't go in an old t shirt by myself anymore bc I'm bound to see a group of chicks dressed up taking pictures of their dessert
  2. Hookah
    Thought I was cool til I realized how much it's fucking destroying my lungs. So congrats on finding a hookah bar but remember 4 years ago when I did this and then someone started a rumor that i went to hookah bars to hook up w girls bc I'm secretly a lesbian hahaha good one whoever thought of that
  3. Hot yoga and meditation
    First of all please stop judging me for not wearing lulu lemon head to toe and secondly stop acting all "one with the earth" I've been doing this since I WAS 8 PEOPLE
  4. BJ Novak obsession
    Wrote an article about his book for the daily Tar Heel and all of a sudden it's a popular book amongst girls in my general circle..... Coincidence? Maybe but I like to think not. Don't try to outsmart me about how smart and talented BJ Novak is okay I have been his #1 fan way before you knew he did something other than the office. (He's tweeted at me, so you really can't argue with this)
  5. Juicing
    K let me tell you something I used to wake up at 6 am to juice vegetables with my mom- anything from carrots to celery to beets- and drank that shit w/o taking an Instagram of it. I'm glad you're healthy and all but if u talk down to me because you're like a juice expert I will probably punch you
  6. Lastly, sorry
    If this is rude or offensive to you. It's really annoying when someone tries to tell you how to live a lifestyle that you have been living for years. It's also annoying because many of these things, like meditation or juicing, are supposed to be done for yourself and not for the attention. If you're missing that point, you're not doing it right.