I work at Rico's and I've started to notice some trends
  1. Rainbow Bowl
    You claim that these are "all of your favorite fruits" but you're still the most basic of all. Most likely, you're a teenage girl preparing for an Instagram, double points if you get Nutella.
  2. Panther Bowl
    You either are legitimately a huge panther fan or you are a coconut fan. With a choice between coconut flakes and coconut oil, you choose flakes and look confused at the thought of choosing oil instead. Secret: true acai fans always pick coconut oil.
  3. ButterBro Bowl
    Men, typically looking to be more macho or something like that. Sees the word "protein" and gets excited because muscles. Or, a vegan who gets excited because unlike most protein filled grains, hemp doesn't taste like cardboard. Secret: true acai fans put the butters below the bananas.
  4. Berry Bowl
    Someone who's gotten enough Rico's to know that the Rainbow bowl is overrated and the berries are where it's at. Typically middle aged women and mothers, don't get angry, I'm just stating a trend.
  5. Brazil Bowl
    You are either: A. Scared of everything else B. Really into the acai, don't need toppings or C. Broke and can't afford to pay for toppings (me)