It must actually be exhausting having to come up with all those INTERESTING stories that celebrities have to tell about themselves on talk shows. I'm not famous, but it can't hurt to be prepared.
  1. Maggot Monday
  2. I Ain't Waitin' (Man Versus Train)
  3. Flying Nachos
  4. The Sixth Lumbar
  5. CSI: Burbank
  6. A Hoodie Fit For A King
  7. The Spicy Tuna Mishap
  8. Bloody Bloody Mount Rushmore
  9. Peanut Butter Bomb
  10. The Spit of Leslie Odom Jr.
  11. An Italian Easter Miracle
  12. Help! I've Been Abandoned By My Show Choir
  13. A Guide To Old-School Stalking
  14. German Genitalia
  15. Will Arnett Chuckles
  16. Fence Climbing For Beginners
  17. Oops, I Ate My Contact
  18. No Pants Betty / Betty Sans Pants
  19. I Am The Blood Of Christ
  20. Four Sane People See A UFO
  21. Sure Grandpa, I'll Drive Backward Down I-77
  22. Livin' La Vida Levi
  23. Drive-Thru Body Count: One
  24. Ladies and Gentleman, Angry Salad
  25. Molly McIntire Or GTFO
  26. A Professorial Striptease