These are the best movies I've seen this year so far. In no particular order.
  1. Mad Max Fury Road - A ferocious, hyper-charged vision of post apocalyptic anarchy. One of the few big screen movies of the last few years.
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  2. It Follows - An atmospheric shocker that successfully brings early era John Carpenter filmmaking into today's horror landscape. A refreshing throwback of atmosphere and genuine terror. Killer soundtrack.
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  3. The Babadook - Another outstanding horror piece filled with dread. A memorable psych trip with a great story. Like Candyman or Paperhouse for this generation.
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  4. The Nightmare - This is terrifying. The idea behind this documentary is interesting as, while it shows a real phenomena, seeing the film could induce it. Do not see it if you have problems sleeping. Just makes it worse. I'm not even posting a pic from it.
  5. Shaun the Sheep - I laughed more at this than any other movie this year. Aardman is so good at telling stories that you don't even realize the movie has no dialogue. It hits the right notes with emotion and has the funniest running gag of the year.
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  6. Inside Out - Pixar delivers as usual. Fun performances and heartstring tugs to go along with amazing filmmaking.
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  7. The Good Kill - An intense drone thriller that is thought provoking and shows us a conflict and horror we aren't generally privy to. Ethan Hawke is phenomenal.
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  8. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - The rare teen movie that gets everything right. Hilarious, relatable, and utterly devastating without being sentimental. The three leads are all excellent. Also a treasure trove of in-jokes for film buffs.
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  9. Predestination - The weirdest movie of the year. A sci-fi time travel noir with great performances from Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook.
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  10. Tomorrowland - Box office be damned, I loved this movie. Has a sense of wonder missing from most big effects movies. Brad Bird deserved better from the movie going world.
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  11. Sicario - Two hours of intensity. Everyone brings their Best to this. Easily Emily Blunt's best performance.
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  12. When Marnie Was There - Ghibli's final film (for now) is a summer mystery about friendship that is a wonderful wrap up to the greatest animation studio ever. Like a lower key version of Inside Out.
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  13. World of Kanako - Like the Searchers on LSD, A schizophrenic noir from Nakashima that shows us the fine line between love and hate from an unreliable mind. Can't say I'll watch it again, but it made a mark.
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  14. Cop Car - Bacon and Shea both turn in awesome performances in this tale of childhood mischief gone horribly wrong.
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  15. The Gift - One of the most uncomfortable movies I've seen in the last few years with game performances all around. It's like those early 90's psycho thrillers done to perfection.
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  16. Ex Machina - Heady sci-fi. Like an evolutionary Cronenberg flick. That dance scene....
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  17. Chi-Raq - Spike Lee's best movie in a decade. Movies like this make me love cinema. Not everything works, but it's an ambitious, powerful, hilarious, and angry film that leaves a mark. Spike shows he is still one of the great American filmmakers.
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  18. The Final Girls - A hilariously-meta take on slasher films that made me laugh, but also appreciate the skill and understanding of genre films that allows one to make this movie. The filmmakers love the absurdity of slasher movies and have a ball with it.
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  19. Kingsman: The Secret Service - The best comic book movie of the year. Hilarious, ultra violent, and innovative, it has an edge that other movies of it's type lack. Samuel L. Jackson hams it up and we have fun right along with him. Colin Firth is also badass and that's a sentence I never thought I'd type.
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  20. The Assassin - Amazing. A slow burn wuxia masterpiece that is absolutely gorgeous. Shu Qi has come a long way as an actress and is riveting here.
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  21. Creed - Commercial filmmaking done right. Phenomenal performances and the one take fight sequence is astonishing. Stallone deserves special recognition for finding new depth inside of Rocky 40 years later.
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