Inspired by @brittmaag
  1. Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta
    I first read this way back in middle school when I had the time to read a novel a week, and in all my reading, this is the one that really stuck with me, nearly a decade later. The book is two separate stories which go back and forth by chapter; it took my young self about a third of the way into it to realize the two were independent. It will surely make you think and probably make you cry, but it's well worth the read. I also highly recommend "Looking for Alibrandi" by her as well.
  2. Keith
    First off: not my usual genre. But, I watched this many years ago when Netflix first started its streaming service (RIP on-demand DVDs). It came up on my suggested list, and I gave it a go since I was avoiding my AP homework anyway. I cried, hard, and watched it another three times that week (I'm a masochist). Yes, it's starring Jesse McCartney, but you forget that five minutes in. And, afterward, you'll be wondering why he's not the star of many more dramas or, at least, Nicholas Sparks films.
  3. Torches (Foster the People)
    This album came out a year prior but really took off in that period where indie music was the Billboard top 20 with the likes of AWOLNATION, Gotye, Of Monsters and Men and fun. dominating the charts. Everyone knows "Pumped Up Kicks." Many know "Houdini" and "Don't Stop (Color on the Walls)." What many are missing out on are gems like "Miss You" or my personal favorite, "Waste." I encourage you to come for the dancy indietronica and stay for the heartfelt lyrics.