In order of people I know very well to people I do not know very well.
  1. "Love you son. You are THE BEST."
    Mark Goldblatt (my father)
  2. "rob"
    Lucy Alibar (we used to make out)
  3. "Hope today is filled with great vibes."
    Nicole Myers Steel (my Pilates instructor)
  4. "Happy Birthday Birthday Buddy!" [posted 4 times in a row]
    Erin Kasimow (we used to date, and we share the same birthdate)
  5. "Haps bjorn g'blatt"
    Victor Vazquez (rapper and college friend)
  6. "May the happiness be yours." [posted with picture of a man with a cow's head for a head]
    Lifelike Scott Higgins (college film professor)
  7. "Happy Birthday, Anti-Maxxer."
    Brian Patchett (the senior I idolized when I was a high school freshman)
  8. "hope that you're having a gooey birthday! XXX jerseyjim"
    Jim Wright (music photographer)
  9. "Oh hey, guy."
    Eric Gladstone (a kid from my high school)
  10. "Birthday time means it's monk time!"
    Dan D. August Steamboat (high school boyfriend of a college friend of mine. Never met)