My 2016 gift to you! Download 5-part mix here: (big .zip file, so use a computer) or Spotify playlist (missing some songs) here: My year-end mix is usually shorter, but this year I felt emboldened by List App's 99-item limit and, frankly, there were just too many good tunes! Enjoy! Track list:
  1. Cliff Martinez "Get Well Or Jump Off"
    From The Knick. This is the first track of Part 1, which is entitled BEFORE WE BEGIN.
  2. Bouquet "Come To Your House"
  3. Field Music "The Noisy Days Are Over"
  4. Mura Masa "Lovesick Fuck"
  5. Empress Of "Water Water"
  6. Goat "It's Time For Fun"
  7. Car Seat Headrest "Something Soon"
  8. Charlie Brand "Baby Blue Motorcycle"
  9. Chris Stamey "The Summer Sun"
    1977. From this year's Ork Records box set, released by Numero Group.
  10. Shannon and The Clams "Point of Being Right"
  11. Last Ex "Hotel Blues"
  12. Blur "Lonesome Street"
  13. Operators "Ecstasy In My House"
  14. Alex Calder "Strange Dreams"
  15. Waxahatchee "La Loose"
  16. BEAK> "The Meader"
  17. Sweet Spirit "I've Made Up My Mind"
  18. Molly Nilsson "1995"
  19. Arp "Pulsars e Quasars"
  20. Julia Holter "Sea Calls Me Home"
    End of Pt 1 ---------------------------------
  21. Wild Nothing "To Know You"
    This is the first track of Part 2, entitled WIND UP.
  22. Deradoorian "A Beautiful Woman"
  23. Wilco "Taste The Ceiling"
  25. FFS "Johnny Delusional"
  26. Gardens & Villa "Fixations"
  27. Unknown Mortal Orchestra "Can't Keep Checking My Phone"
  28. Bully "Reason"
  29. HeCTA "Sympathy For The Auto Industry"
  30. Spoon "TV Set"
    The Cramps cover
  31. Colleen Green "Whatever I Want"
  32. Sufjan Stevens "Blue Bucket of Gold (Remix)"
  33. Cat's Eyes "Opening Credit Song"
    from The Duke of Burgundy
  34. Martin Courtney "Northern Highway"
  35. Gun Outfit "Legends Of My Own"
  36. Micachu & The Shapes "Oh Baby"
  37. Tobias Jesso Jr. "Crocodile Tears"
  38. Little Wings "Light Brang"
  39. Autolux "Change My Head"
    End of Pt 2 ---------------------------------
  40. Belle and Sebastian "The Party Line"
    This is the first track of Part 3, entitled MOVEMENT. This song also came out at the very end of 2014, but whatever.
  41. Daphne "Vikram"
  42. Chairlift "Ch-Ching"
  43. Thundercat "Them Changes"
  44. Shamir "On The Regular"
    Also technically 2014, but I was way late to this.
  45. Frankie Cosmos "Sand"
  46. Tanlines "Pieces"
  47. Deerhunter "Breaker"
  48. Grimes "Kill V. Maim"
  49. Animal Collective "FloriDada"
  50. Mariah "Sora Ni Mau Maboroshi"
    1983. Reissued this year by Palo Flats.
  51. Tirzah "Make It Up"
  52. Django Django "First Light"
  53. Brenmar feat. Uniiqu3 "Hula Hoop"
  54. WIN WIN "Don't Freak Out"
  55. Telekinesis "Sleep In"
  56. YACHT "Don't Be Rude"
  57. Baio "Sister of Pearl"
  58. Destroyer "Tines Square
  59. Force Publique "Excess"
    End of Pt 3 ---------------------------------
  60. Royal Headache "My Own Fantasy"
    This is the first track of Part 4, entitled RIPPERS.
  61. Hop Along "The Knock"
  62. Viet Cong "Continental Shelf"
  63. Sleater-Kinney "A New Wave"
  64. Thee Oh Sees "Lupine Ossuary"
  65. Simon Doom "My Baby's A Baby"
  66. U.S. Girls "Sed Knife"
  67. Disappears "Breaking Glass" (Live)
    David Bowie cover
  68. Alex G "Kicker"
  69. EZTV "Hard To Believe"
  70. Mike Krol "La La La"
  71. The Distributors "Never Never"
    1980. From the new compilation [Cease & Desist] DIY! (Cult classics from the Post-Punk era 1978 - 82) from Optimo Music.
  72. Coke Weed "Dead Man Walking"
  73. Protomartyr "Clandestine Time"
  74. Torres "Sprinter"
  75. Katie Dey "Unkillable"
  76. Helen "Covered In Shade"
  77. Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield "Roman Candle"
    Elliott Smith cover
  78. The Mantles "Island"
  79. Jessica Pratt "Back, Baby"
    End of Pt 4 ---------------------------------
  80. Beach House "Majorette"
    This is the first track of Part 5, entitled ALL FALL DOWN.
  81. Chrome Sparks "Moonraker"
  82. Ultimate Painting "Kodiak"
  83. Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell "God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)"
    El Perro Del Mar cover
  84. Widowspeak "Dead Love (So Still)"
  85. Katie Von Schleicher "Baby Don't Go"
  86. Kurt Vile "Life Like This"
  87. Benji Hughes "Freaky Feedback Blues"
  88. Tame Impala "The Moment"
  89. Lower Dens "Quo Vadis"
  90. Boy & Bear "Walk The Wire"
  91. La Grima "Lithium"
    Nirvana cover
  92. Weyes Blood "Maybe Love"
  93. Aphex Twin "avril altdelay"
  94. Björk "Stonemilker"
  95. Natalie Prass "Reprise"
  96. Chromatics "Girls Just Wanna Have Dub"
    Cyndi Lauper cover
  97. Atticus Ross "Believe"
    From Love & Mercy
  98. Yo La Tengo "Deeper Into Movies"
    Yo La Tengo cover
  99. Joanna Newsom "Time, As A Symptom"
    End of Pt 5. End of mix. End of 2015.