1. Bulls hat on head, Yankees hat Babybjörned to chest by front backpack strap
    Please choose one hat for this flight.
  2. Middle-aged women with Beats by Dre around their neck
    Nah dawg
  3. No mozzarella sandwiches at La Brea Bakery stand
    Fuck you
  4. Ordering a Flat White at Starbucks when you don't know what a Flat White is.
    C'mon lady, get with the program.
  5. All the sandwiches at Starbucks were in the case upside down
    So I had to flip them over one-by-one to identify them
  6. No mozzarella sandwiches at Starbucks
    Fuck you
  7. Starbucks oatmeal
    Actually this is pretty good!
  8. Whining about travel
    Nobody cares. Ooh, they're playing "The Metro" by Berlin in the food court. Just enjoy the little things. Now they're playing "1999!"