There are some great vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area. But fuck all that. THESE are my favorite veggie friendly dishes at restaurants that are not vegan or vegetarian.
  1. ANARBAGH - saag paneer, daal, all the Indian things (recently opened Beverly Hills & Los Feliz locations)
  2. ATTARI SANDWICH SHOP - kashke bademjan, kuku sabzi sandwich, osh
  3. BAR AMA - cashew poblano queso, broccolini torrada, cauliflower & cilantro pesto, mole enchiladas
  4. CACAO MEXICATESSAN - mission fig mole fries, fried avocado taco, calabacitas taco, wild mushroom torta, cesar de Tijuana
  5. COFAX - veggie breakfast burrito, cold brew
  6. COMMISSARY - charred carrots, green curry eggplant
  7. DIN TAI FUNG - vegetarian dumplings, seaweed and bean curd in vinegar dressing, vegetarian Shanghai rice cake, sauteed mustard cabbage with shredded ginger
  8. FOUR CAFE - egg salad sandwich, veggie burger, kids menu mac and cheese
  9. GO GET EM TIGER - romanesco sandwich (romanesco, Catalonian romesco, roasted spring onions, pickled grapes, pea tendrils) and to drink, the Business and Pleasure (sparkling hoppy iced white tea, shot of espresso, shaken cold almond milk cappuccino)
  10. JITLADA - narathiwat green curry noodles with tofu, crispy morning glory salad (no shrimp), fresh rolls, mint noodles, Songklah province style rice salad, lemon water crest, acacia leaf omelet (no shrimp),
  11. LITTLE JEWEL OF NEW ORLEANS - French fry po’boy with mushroom gravy and cheddar, vanilla pudding
  12. MEIZHOU DONGPO - eggplant in garlic, Sichuan heartbreakers, cold sesame noodles, sichuan green beans
  13. MUD HEN TAVERN - spaghetti squash puttanesca, crack n' jack
  14. NIGHT + MARKET SONG - som tum tod, larb tofu, crispy rice salad, khao soi, pad thai, chinese broccoli sautéed w/ garlic and bird eye chili
  15. PETTY CASH TAQUERIA - guacamole, roasted cauliflower nachos, crispy brussels sprouts, maitake mushroom taco, potato dorados tacos, the Brixton cocktail
  16. PINE & CRANE - spicy peanuts, bamboo shoots, bean curd salad, sautéed pea shoots, three cup trumpet mushrooms, basil eggplant
  17. RUSTIC CANYON - chickpea stew, beets and berries
  18. SOTTO - cauliflower and almond soup, chickpea panelle, fava e cicoria, marinated trumpet mushrooms, homage to Caiazzo white calzone
  19. SQIRL - avocado toast with green garlic creme fraiche, flaky ass biscuit with jam, crispy lemongrass rice salad, sorrel pesto rice bowl, vanilla lemonade
  20. WIRTSHAUS - vegetarian sausage, spaetzle, sauerkraut, potato pancakes