@miggles has picked up on the fact that I use the word "jam" as a noun, a verb, an adjective...
  1. This is my jam
  2. Did you two jam?
  3. You're a jaminal
  4. Totally jammy situation
  5. Let's jam on a slice
  6. Bummerjams
  7. Just jammed on Instajam
  8. Jamming on a schvitz later?
  9. Peanut butter and jam
  10. Jams L. Brooks
  11. Jamming on the jammiest of jams
  12. Bonejams
    Suggested by @miggles36
  13. Jamgarano @miggles36
  14. Jam.
    All alone as a sign of affirmation/agreement.
    Suggested by @yrfriendrachel
  15. NEVER use the word "jam" to refer to the playing of music.
  16. Jam on toast
    Suggested by @miggles36
  17. Jammer Time!
    You have never said this in my presence, but a girl can dream.
    Suggested by @zoe
  18. Jambalaya
    Suggested by @miggles36
  19. Zoe Kajam @zoe
  20. It ain't too hard for me to Jam. -MJ & MJ (in Space Jam)
    Suggested by @vp
  21. My jammer
    Term of endearment for a friend