In chronological order! Also my definition of "classic" is more like "classic for me!" Also @zoe stole all the good ones.
  1. Meet Me In St Louis
    I watch this every holiday season with my parents and we always cry. So many musical numbers forever etched into my subconscious. I always doze off during the Halloween sequence (because our recliners are too comfortable). My parents dog is named Tootie.
  2. Out Of The Past
    Favorite film noir, hands down. I watched this a dozen times for a paper in college, and it never got old. Still doesn't.
  3. Belle De Jour
    Sexy, mysterious, immaculate.
  4. Play Time
    The first time I saw this was a dvd on a small TV. I flipped for it. Since then I've seen it twice projected in 70mm, and its brilliance has grown exponentially for me. This is where I go for the cathartic collision of funny + art. Fun fact -- the last time I saw this movie (at The Aero in Santa Monica), a notable standup comedian walked out after about a half hour. Different strokes!
  5. Rosemary's Baby
    Only choosing one Polanski, but Chinatown or Repulsion could also jump onto this list. Say whatever you want to say about the guy, but he's made some of my all-time favorites.
  6. All That Jazz
    Fosse's finest hour. The least indulgent work of extreme self-reflexivity I can think of. Some of the tightest film editing ever, by the great Alan Heim.
  7. Possession
    Divorce as horror film. Truly strange movie, but one I return to again and again. Isabelle Adjani's performance is transcendental.
  8. After Hours
    Without a doubt my favorite Scorsese film. Non-stop pleasure.
  9. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    My youth was spent watching a laserdisc of Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  10. Manhunter
    I will see anything Michael Mann makes. I even saw Blackhat. But this it's the one I always return to. The vibiest of all the Thomas Harris adaptations. The mind boggles that Brett Ratner made a normcore remake of this (or re-adaptation, whatever) with the same d.p.
  11. Ghost World
    This came out months after I graduated from high school, and I feel like it was made for me. Perfect timing. I still quote this film often, and will forever love songs from its soundtrack. And over the years have found its depiction of a withering friendship to be pretty much dead-on. THATS'S RIGHT: Ghost World is now officially a classic.