1. You look really good.
  2. This is restaurant-quality.
  3. You have such expressive ankles.
  4. Love your glasses.
  5. Those pants are amazing.
  6. You have a beautiful beard.
  7. Love the bun.
  8. It seems like you're in a really good place.
  9. It's your best work.
  10. We finally have a three-dimensional protagonist.
  11. I liked his beard. I wanted to caress it.
  12. She thinks you're the cat's pajamas.
  13. You are the most awesome human.
  14. Boo, you're so strong.
  15. The way he dances... it looks so wrong, but it feels so right.
  16. You're an animal.
  17. You really fuck so good.
  18. This might be my favorite list so far.