I've seen the documentary Going Clear. I've read the books Going Clear and Inside Scientology. I Uber more than anybody in Los Angeles. This was bound to happen. What follows is our actual convo, reconstructed from memory. Related list: MY IMAGINED CONVERSATION WITH THE SCIENTOLOGIST TRYING TO RECRUIT PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE METRO STATION
  1. M: Do you work at the Scientology center?
  2. A: No, I was dropping off my wife. She's talking courses there.
  3. M: Oh, okay. Is she getting much out of them?
  4. A: Yes, she's having a great time. And learning so much about herself.
  5. M: Well that's good. You hear so many stories.
  7. M: Have you gotten into that stuff too?
  8. A: Yes, I've taken a number of courses.
  9. M: And you found them beneficial?
  10. A: Oh yes. Even just after the first one. The things I learned were so powerful. It's amazing.
  11. M: Well that's good. Were you, uh, had you heard things before you started? Because there's been a lot written about the church.
  12. A: I was cautious going in. I just kind of... toed the water. Because I had heard people say "Oh, it's brainwashing" or something. But you know the first thing they tell you when you get there? "Don't believe anything we tell you. Make up your own mind." So that put me at ease. How can there be brainwashing when they tell you that?
  13. M: Huh. And will you continue to take courses?
  14. A: Oh yeah. I had a lot of wins after just the first course. And after the second, I performed what's called an assist on a person who was hurt.
  15. M: What's an assist?
  16. A: It's a way of healing somebody. And the man's wife wrote me a letter to thank me. She said that I really helped him.
  17. M: Wow.
  18. A: Yeah so it's been a great thing for me personally. I'd like to take more courses and become more involved. I'm just trying to figure out how to do it.
  19. M: Is that because the courses get more expensive as you progress?
  20. A: No, the money isn't a problem. It's difficult to balance with working full time.
  21. M: What do you do?
  22. A: I work in computers. And I have a good position. So if I wanted to switch careers and work in Scientology, it would be a big change.
  23. M: You'd be starting at the bottom and working your way up?
  24. A: That's right. And I have a family to support. But we're talking about it.
  25. M: Well... It's nice to find something that works for you.
  26. A: Yes it is.
  27. At that point we arrived at my destination.