We are fucked. EDIT: No mention of the attacks in Paris.
  1. David Hasselhoff
    Actor Changes Name To David Hoff
  2. Holocaust
    German Court Sentences 87-Year-Old Woman Who Denies Genocide to 10 Months In Jail
  3. Lindsay Lohan
    Actress Wears Sharon Tate Outfit on Anniversary of Charles Manson's Birthday
  4. Kylie Jenner
    Model Wears Low Cut Black Dress to Dinner In Hollywood
  5. Amber Rose
    Model Hosts Event at Los Angeles Strip Club While Wearing See-Through Dress
  6. Emma Watson
    Actress Says Her Hair in 1st 'Harry Potter' Film Was Ugly
  7. Peter Robbins
    Voice of Charlie Brown Admits to Threatening to Kill San Diego County Sheriff
  8. Pastafarian
    Woman Who Identifies With Group Wins Right To Wear Colander For Driver's License Photo