Yesterday the Cinefamily hosted Laurie Anderson for her second ever Concert For Dogs, which preceded a screening of her new documentary Heart of a Dog. Furry jammers and their human counterparts were given preferred seating. My best friend Dan produced the film and helped put the event together, so I tagged along. We had a ridiculous afternoon.
  1. This line was for dogs and their persons.
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  2. This is Danica the Wonder Pug, who is Instagram famous.
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  3. This is Kevin, who pooped all over the sidewalk.
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  4. I stepped in Kevin's poop (not pictured). Some other guy stepped in it as well (pictured).
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    On the whole these were some chill af doggies. So well behaved. Kevin's shitstorm was definitely the only 'uh-oh' moment of the event.
  5. Dan under the marquee.
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  6. Everyone had to sign a waiver upon entering; that the Cinefamily wouldn't be liable in the event that any heavy-duty dog-related zaniness were to ensue.
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    There's the non-canine line in the background. I recognized the lead singer of The Donnas towards the back of that line.
  7. Soundcheck was running a bit long, and corralling all the dogs proved to be something of an ordeal. So the music fans began to congregate on the back patio.
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  8. Luckily the fine folks at the Cinefamily put out refreshments.
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    There were bowls full of dog treats as well.
  9. And there were some dog beds too, just in case anybody rocked too hard. This well-behaved jammer was definitely ready to party.
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  10. This guy didn't even know Laurie's music, but had heard there would be some hot tail at the show.
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  11. Dan and Danica.
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    Dan likes removing his fake tooth for some photos. I think it worked out nicely here.
  12. The audience finally started to take their seats.
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    Actually heard someone say this: "No they need to be seated by an actual dog usher."
  13. Laurie couldn't help but meet some of her adoring pup-lic before hitting the stage.
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    Sorry. That's the worst pun in here, I promise.
  14. Kevin's person brings him to his seat.
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    They put blankets on the nice leather couches. Big dogs were strategically seated on the couches, away from lap-dogs.
  15. Laurie greets the front row.
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  16. This was the most mellow dog at the show, no question. He'd obviously been to tons of concerts for dogs before.
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  17. Laurie and band finally took the stage, and put on a stimulating show for canine AND human sensibilities alike. Lots of high frequencies for the pups, and hilarious spoken word digressions for anyone who could understand them.
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    This poodle (who, I believe, belonged to one of the musicians) was very attentive; really tuned in to what Laurie was laying down. There was a collie who started barking halfway through the set, which Laurie loved so much that she gave the dog a shoutout from the stage.
  18. The finale was all about audience participation. Laurie barked, and encouraged all the audience dogs to join in. It was jaw dropping. Her barking and some low sax bursts were infectious; the dogs caught on and the whole audience was singing along.
    Brief video I shot of the cacophonous climax here:
  19. The concert was followed by a screening of Heart of A Dog (which btw is a truly wonderful film about the life of Laurie's piano-playing rat terrier Lollabelle).
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    I've gotta say, I've never seen so many dogs watching a movie before.