1. I still tie my shoes "rabbit-ears" style.
    I still find the regular method imprecise.
  2. I am incapable of getting into a car properly.
    I kind of dive in head first. It makes sense to me.
  3. I inhale when I burp.
    Which makes for a surprisingly raptor-esque squeal.
  4. My first glasses were bright red.
    Age 5. They had little Mickey Mouses on the temples.
  5. I was a child actor.
    IMDB me. Gave it up for school. Haven't done much performing post-college.
  6. I've been doing Pilates on and off since I was 15.
    Strangely, I've never once been to a Yoga class. I am a 32 year old L.A. native. How is that possible?
  7. I named my parents' dog after the youngest daughter in Meet Me In St. Louis.
  8. I'm named after my great grandfather.
    He was neither Maxwell, nor Maximilian. Just plain ol' Max.
  9. I fall in love at least once a day.
    My middle name is Unrequited.
  10. My middle name is actually Oliver.
    Which isn't a reference to any relative.
  11. My middle name was nearly Hawks.
    As in "Howard Hawks." But my mother thought is was a strange idea.
  12. I'm a lifelong vegetarian.
    I've accidentally eaten meat, and I've tried things on a few occasions when I was younger (pepperoni pizza, chicken McNuggets). But not with any regularity. I eat dairy and eggs. I've never had a burger or steak or a hot dog or fish or turkey, etc. When my parents tried to introduce meat into my diet I would push the food away and say "No. Animal." I don't entirely believe this, but my mother swears it's true.
  13. I have a strange, selective memory.
    Great at remembering arcane facts, small details, what I ate at a restaurant ten years ago, or where I saw a movie first... But terrible at remembering basic daily to-do's, to whom I've told an anecdote, what day it is...
  14. So if I'm forgetting something, please go ahead and add it to the list.
    One person's own embarrassing (or 'does not register') may be another person's endearing.
  15. You don't drive, or even have your license because you got into a car accident at a young age. It fucked you up and you went to therapy for it, but you just enjoy walking anyway!
    Suggested by @miggles36