Non-student bands only. This list is for @shirinnury, Class of '12. [ @ouecha am I forgetting anything major? ]
  1. MC Paul Barman
    I booked this show, promoted it, and got written up by the Student Judicial Board for not properly clearing it with Public Safety. The Management (soon to be MGMT) opened.
  2. Blonde Redhead
    I was in heaven during this show in MoCon. It was "Winter Carnival" and I can't remember who else played. I remember feeling like the band didn't like us. Probably because they were playing in a dining hall.
  3. The Walkmen
    At Eclectic Haus. Most, most memorable show. Very low stage. Crowd surfing. Total chaos during "The Rat." Mentioned this show some years later to three members of the band. Two remembered it vividly.
  4. Calla
    Opened for the Walkmen. They had a split E.P. out together at the time. I still really like their song "It Dawned On Me."
  5. Vagenius
    Saw them in L.A. one summer, opening for the Starlight Mints at the Troubadour. Really dug em, befriended em on Myspace. Coincidentally they were going to be playing at Eclectic that fall. In the interim, I got all my friends into their music, would play their tunes at danceparties. By the time they came to play, the show was packed, and everybody sang along to their songs. Immediately became tight friends with Juliette and Joachim, going on 10 years now.
  6. The Natural History
    At Eclectic my sophomore year. Short-lived NY band, best known for penning "Don't You Ever," covered, retitled, lyrically re-jiggered, and made famous by Spoon. During their set I held hands with the girl I was dating at the time, because they were "our band." She and I would end things a few months later. The band would stop playing around the time I graduated.
  7. Oneida
    They played on campus a bunch. There was always a cooler on stage, GBV style, and these guys'd get ripped during shows. I remember one WesCo Cafe show ending with a noise freakout, and accompanying styrofoam cooler destruction. My friend Bess seduced the drummer.
  8. Ex Models
    I loved their 2001 record "Other Mathematics." There was an Ex Models/Oneida bill once at Eclectic, in the smaller room to the right. This was when the drummer from Oneida was also playing in Ex Models. Busy night for him, to play two sets and also go home with Bess afterwards.
  9. Weird War
    I had been a massive fan of The Make Up, so I was super hyped to see Ian Svenonious and Michelle Mae's new outfit at Eclectic. I was sure that after the show I'd make a new friend in Ian, and begin the process of building a life together with Michelle -- my indie rock crush all through high school. We all went to Andrew and Simon and Dave's place on Lincoln afterwards. But Michelle had gone to sleep, and I tried to talk to Ian but he wanted nothing to do with me. He was trying to get laid.
  10. Child Ballads
    This was Stewart Lupton's project after Jonathan Fire Eater, a band I looooooved. My buddy Jess's brother was playing drums in the band, and they played before Weird War. It was a D.C. bands kinda night. I remember liking their name and their songs, but I don't think they ever got it together to put out much material.
  11. The Von Bondies
    Another "Winter Carnival" in MoCon. My pal Jonah, who had booked them to play, was really into Harry Potter at the time. He asked the lead singer (the guy Jack White beat up) if he had read the HP books. Dude replied that he didn't really read at all. Jonah asked why, and he explained that he had left some contacts in for way too long, like months and months. When he finally took them out they ripped up his eyes something fierce, permanently messing up his vision. No reading for Von Bondie guy.
  12. Deerhoof
    They played at Spring Fling one year and were incredible. I remember showing up early in the day to watch them soundcheck. So hung over. So lame.
  13. Cee-Lo
    Headlined Spring Fling that year. He was much shorter than I'd have imagined. I remember gossip about which girls went back to his tour bus.
  14. The Roots
    They headlined Spring Fling another year. I was bummed Rahzel was not there.
  15. Avey Tare & Panda Bear
    Freshman year. They sat on the floor in the smaller room in eclectic. Believe the material they were playing would show up later on "Campfire Songs." Stoney and great. Very few people were there. I was away the weekend Animal Collective played during my senior year and everyone went.
  16. Tyondai Braxton
    Opened for the Animal Collective dudes. Son of professor Anthony Braxton, whose class "Sun Ra and Stockhausen" I was currently taking. Also sat of the floor, with just a mic and a loop pedal and some other effects.
  17. Shy Child
    Fun two-piece, made up of recent graduates. I remember being mesmerized by the drunmer's Kaoss Pad.
  18. Mobius Band
    Another band of recent graduates who came back to play a few times over the years. These guys would really come into their own a few years later.
  19. The Flesh
    Another short lived sexy New York band with some recent graduates in it. Tried and failed to flirt with the keyboard player by telling her I thought they sounded like a cross between Goblin and rap.
  20. ESG
    Opened for Ghostface Killah at Spring Fling my Junior Year. I was so bummed that I didn't snag an ESG t-shirt they threw out into the crowd. Pretty sure @NicholsNewman got one. Still one of my favorite older bands that I'm amazed I've actually seen live.
  21. Ghostface Killah
    I was still reeling from ESG.
  22. T-Model Ford
    Fat Possum-signed, elderly bluesman. A strange choice to kick off Spring Fling one year. But pretty badass nonetheless.
  23. Mirah
    We all fell in love in the WesCo cafe that night. I bought a 45 of "Cold Cold Water" from her and had her sign it.
  24. Entrance
    Also played in the WesCo cafe. I met Guy years later and he didn't remember the show at all.
  25. Les Sans Culottes
    Faux French band who would later part ways with their lead-singer, and move forward under the name Nous Non Plus. Years later I would become friendly with the lead guitarist, a noted wine expert.
  26. The Unicorns
    Think they headlined that night, after Les Sans Culottes. I remember being a fan, but missing their set over some drama between me and my ex out on the balcony. Wish I'd watched the show.
  27. Smog
    That was a real treat, booked by this baby-faced guy with great taste, whose name I forget. Another Drag City artist, Brother JT3, opened.
  28. Little Wings
    I would find out a decade later that this was the house concert where Nat Baldwin and Dave Longstreth, mutual musical admirers, would meet for the first time. Nat was auditing some classes at Wes, playing with Anthony Braxton. Dave was enrolled at Yale. They would begin playing together, and Nat would go on to join and play a major role in Dave's ongoing project, Dirty Projectors.
  29. Patti Smith
    She did a song or two before Ralph Nader spoke in the chapel. She was essentially introducing him. Snowblink played first and that was great as always. I remember a lone hippy chick with dreads clapping off-beat during Patti, and the entire audience shooting her deathstares that she was oblivious to.
  30. Haha, I guess you would be majorly forgetting that Circle Fox also opened for Patti Smith! Besides that... The Rapture and The Apes were timely and fun. I remember you putting on a dance clinic at Erase Errata, right? Also, trying to remember the name of that band that Charlie Looker had freshmen year. So good. I guess that's another list though...
    Suggested by @ouecha