1. This is the poster:
    809d7322 3e03 4f1f 87b8 f63597ebcc0f
    The paper is a nice matte black, acid-free situation.
  2. Edition of 600
    Not numbered.
  3. It says Sufjam
    All the merch does. In my mind it's from an alternate reality wherein Sufjan is so big that there are bootleg shirts sold in the parking lot outside the show, but they accidentally misspell his name.
  4. The designer is Stephen Halker
  5. They were printed yesterday in Santa Ana, California.
    They arrived three hours before doors
  6. There are no tour dates on the poster
    Keeping things elegant and clean.
  7. This is Hunky Sufjan, not Zombie Sufjan
    The color in the eyes was almost different, which would have made him look possessed.
  8. Sad music pairs nicely with silly merch
    Somber shirts are over.
  9. @busyphilipps and @Marc bought one last night
    Nice to meet you two!
  10. A friend said it looks like "What if young Tony Leung starred in Drive?"
    That would've ruled.
  11. At least, you won't cry while looking at this poster.
    Suggested by @busyphilipps