1. Another Sunday In Line At Fuckin' SQIRL
  2. Mack Sennett Studio Hums
  3. Bar Stella Patio #5 (In E For My Booking Agent)
  4. Plenty Of Room On Edward Sharpe's Guestlist
  5. Who Do I Have To Blow To Get A Bourbon At El Prado?
  6. Devendra Stole My Weed, But I Stole His Ex
  7. Edendale Is Overrated And So Is Your Face
  8. Walking Directions to the Echoplex, Vol. 1-3
  9. The Night Josh Tillman Boned Alex Ebert's Girl
  10. Blue Balled at the Smog Cutter
  11. Suck It, Banhart. Seriously.