1. My Lyft driver took me to Edendale the neighborhood instead of Edendale the bar.
  2. Once at the correct Edendale, I met many ListAppers. Objectively, they were all rad.
  3. I kept spearing bits of cake with a cocktail toothpick. This is not a classy way to eat cake. But I did it anyway, knowing that I was surrounded by friends. Friends I'd never met before.
  4. Actually @liana and I met once five years ago. Wait just checked: Inglorious Basterds came out SIX years ago.
  5. @videodrew asked me to read aloud from this incredible zine of bizarre movie ideas. I obliged. There were no duds. Best list of all time?
  6. The blue hoodie changed hands! I watched it happen! Drew pretended she didn't have it at first, and I think @johnnyartpants believed her.
  7. @Jack and I followed each other! And talked at length about Aloha. I think that How Do You Know is worse. He does not.
  8. Baby! (@lexzie sorry we didn't really meet! Distracted by baby...)
  9. Glass shattered!
  10. @RachelPologe was wearing a Joshua Radin shirt!
  11. Micro-summit of OG Listappers With Aesthetically Pleasing Jewish Names. @MirandaBerman Agrees that Haim should be on The List App.
  12. Learned @emjuko's unabridged life story, and that she lives mere blocks from me. And that her answer to the Intelli or Cafecito or Dinosaur (or Caaaasbah) question is H Coffeehouse.
  13. @MissBicks may have possibly convinced me to switch from Pilates to Pop Physique, which I didn't know men were allowed to do. For legal reasons. I also made her look at all the photos from my meal at Rose's Luxury in 2013.
  14. I got too much sun.
  15. Didn't recognize @Z at first, but I think I was not the only one to do so. Which makes me feel less lame.
  16. Learned a great deal about vapes, flying with weed, etc from @hollis and Zara and Drew. Trail mix.
  17. @fisackerly bought a ticket to see Spring Awakening!
  18. Couldn't get a signal to call a Lyft from the back of Edendale, kinda freaked out realizing I needed to be somewhere soon, left in a hurried panic.
  19. I had a wonderful time.