Recently @samboyd asked what I thought of Ken Loach's film Kes, and I told him I'd never seen it. Time to come clean.
  1. Quadruple Indemnity
  2. Suck Buddies
  3. Do The Right Stuff
  4. The Brothers McMurtry
  5. The Bridget Jones on the River Kwai
  6. Dr. Jort
  7. Four Weddings and A Funfetti Cake
  8. Meet The Shitters
  9. Suck Me Beautiful
  10. Aunt Jemima Man
  11. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Private Chef, And Then That Guy's Wife, And Her Friend
  12. Cinque Terror
  13. Actually Forget It
  14. The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill and Came Down His Pant Leg
  15. No Country For Old Mensplainers
  16. More, Flag, Archive
  17. Passionfruit of the Christ
  18. I, Suckboi
  19. Jumping Jehoshaphat!
  20. On The Waterpark
  21. Lisa Told Me To Tell You To Stop Calling Her
  22. Peenwolf
  23. Peen On Me
  24. Grumpy Old Peens
  25. Written On The Peen
  26. I Haven't Written A Relevant List In Weeks
  27. And I Feel Totally Uninspired
  28. What Changed?
  29. List App, Is It Your or Me?
  30. Probably Me
  31. I'll Just Bury All This Down Here
  32. That Last One Is Supposed To Be A Great Movie
  33. These Are All Still Titles Of Movies I Haven't Seen
  34. In Case That Was Unclear
  35. Okay I'm Done
  36. No Wait
  37. Kes
  38. I've Never Seen Kes