2 shows down, 28 to go...
  1. At LAX I was randomly selected for expedited-screening.
    That was pleasant.
  2. I got a bottom bunk.
    A few band dudes picked TOP bunks? WHAT?
  3. Everybody in the band and crew calls him Soof.
    I've yet to call him that to his face though.
  4. Everybody is nice and mellow.
    There is another Jew! His last name Rothberg would work well here on The List App.
  5. I don't think anybody hates me yet.
    But the bus driver seemed highly skeptical of me based on my hair and jacket.
  6. I did not pay for Tinder.
    But when I woke up in New York this morning, it was still showing me people in Philadelphia. Hmmm.
    Suggested by @miggles36