Requested by @zoe. She went to the third show of the tour, and I watched from the audience with her. I had a strange out-of-body experience and thought I was going to die. We're now at show # 18.
  1. Sufjan is more at ease.
    The first week of any tour is stressful. Imagine how much more compounded that pressure must be when you're performing such deeply personal songs. Watching the show again some weeks later, it no longer feels like he may lose it at any given moment. That's not to say that the performance has lost a sense of vulnerability. That's definitely there. But now he has his sea legs. And we've gotten into that tour rhythm.
  2. Some of the video elements have changed.
    Minor stuff. The content for "Chicago" is less on-the-nose.
  3. Song arrangements have shifted.
    Sufjan and band take advantage of soundcheck more fully than any band I've toured with. Two hours of work, not just running through things. Now there's a moment when the drummer James comes front and center with his OP-1 synth and does a little solo. Things like that. Feels like the band is more "featured" (and better lit) than at the start of the tour.
  4. I no longer think I'm going to die.
    During the show, that is. To quote the song 'Fourth of July,' "we're all gonna die!"
  5. Sufjan has seen me dance.
    When we were walking back to the bus at 2am, after the danceparty, he said "Max, you're one of the best dancers I've ever seen." Not sure that this affects the show much, but it certainly has changed his life.