1. You can make it savory or sweet!
  2. You can spell it multiple ways!
    Matza? Matzah? Matzo? Brei? Brie?
  3. It's so simple!
    Eggs! Matzah!
  4. But you can add things to it!
    Grilled onions? Mushrooms? Applesauce? Cinnamon sugar? Sriracha?
  5. You can eat it whenever you want, not just during Passover!
    But it tastes better when avoiding leavened situations.
  6. You don't have to be Jewish to eat it!
    You can make it with butter and bacon and it will probably taste much better.
  7. I just ate a big plate of it at Sarge's Deli.
    I asked the waitress, "Is it savory or sweet?" She looked at me as one looks at an idiot. "It's not sweet," she said. "It's delicious!"