I went to this amazing place, on the suggestion of @yrfriendrachel. I went in knowing very little.
  1. Oh. So it's not a museum.
  2. But it's not "not a museum" in the way that the Museum of Jurassic Technology is "not a museum." It's like a giant playground.
  3. God I wish I hadn't come here alone.
  4. I think I'm too old to climb up that.
  5. I think I'm too big to fit through there.
  6. Is this weird that I'm a lone adult roaming around a place full of kids, families and gaggles of teens?
  7. Does that City Museum employee who keeps looking at me l think I'm some kinda pervert?
  8. There's a kid on a rope swing wearing a t-shirt that says PRO LIFE in huge letters. What the fuck. I need to sit down.
  9. I'd go run up that ramp and try to make it over that wall, but it'd be cooler if I had some friends here to cheer me on. If I fall on my ass in front of teen strangers, I will be embarrassed.
  10. Oh here's a little Architectural Museum within the museum. This is more geared towards adults like me. That's the cross from The Exorcist!
  11. Should I leave? I think I'm too old for the rest of this. Which is a shame, because it would have been so up my alley as a kid.
  12. Maybe I'll climb up these stairs first. And go down this TEN STORY SLIDE?!?
  13. WHEEEEEEE!!!!
  14. That was exhilarating! I feel like a kid again! I want to climb up stuff.
  15. I'm climbing up stuff!
  16. I'm climbing down stuff!
  17. I can go inside that plane?!
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  18. I wonder how many kids just eat it in here each day?
  19. Ow. I just hit my head on a metal bar.
  20. I wonder how many adults just eat it in here each day?
  21. Oh man that girl is stuck trying to squeeze out of that little opening. I feel so bad for her, but I also can't not watch.
  22. Please God don't let me accidentally kick some kid in the face.
  23. Okay she made it out.
  24. Wait, where does this lead to?
  25. Am I trapped in this cave?
  26. If this place is open until 1am, do tons of teens get drunk and come here and make out in the caves?
  27. Where are this kid's parents? He's too young to be alone in this tunnel. It's almost too claustrophobic for ME.
  28. Okay, there's his mom. She's calling for him to climb out. Casimir is a badass name. I'd help him but I don't want to touch him.
  29. I'm out of breath, and my knees hurt from crawling around, and I'm covered in sweat, but that was awesome.
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  30. Can't wait to come back here: A. with a bigger group of people B. during the summer when the roof is open C. with my currently non-existent wife and children.