A truly lazy Sunday. Cancelled most of my plans. I'm enjoying having nothing to do apart from blasting music. // Two artists/albums came up twice! I'm not really embarrassed by any of this! I didn't listen to all of each song. Here are the 77 songs that are on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/tothemaxxx/playlist/00iDzjXXbPWrPzn0g13fpg
  1. Throwing Muses "Call Me"
  2. Slumber Party "Behave"
  3. Hello Stranger "Kubrick Eyes"
  4. Taylor Swift "Blank Space"
  5. The Bees "No Trophy"
  6. Benji Hughes "Cornfields"
  7. Visions of Trees "Wonders"
  8. Karen Dalton "Ribbon Bow"
  9. Mazzy Star "Sparrow"
  10. Jon Brion "Drive In"
  11. Weird War "Crystal Healing"
  12. Kaki King "Jessica"
  13. Michael Washington "Little Girl"
  14. April Young "Steady Boyfriend"
  15. Jim Sullivan "Roll Back The Time"
  16. Quilty "Adjective Noun"
  17. Badly Drawn Boy "Silent Sigh"
  18. The New Pornographers "Champions of Red Wine"
  19. Elastica "Connection"
  20. The Echo Friendly "Apartment"
  21. Stars "What I'm Trying To Say"
  22. John Simon "Railroad Train Runnin' Up My Back"
  23. Jack Hendrix Tchickbaams "Turnaround"
  24. St. Ettiene "Nothing Can Stop Us"
  25. Shocking Pinks "How Am I Not Myself?"
  26. French Kicks "Right In Time"
  27. The Move "It Wasn't My Idea To Dance"
  28. Battles "Tonto"
  29. Peter Gordon & Love Of Life Orchestra "That Hat"
  30. Baba Zula "Tavus Havasi" (Live)
  31. Ciara feat. Petey Pablo "Goodies"
  32. Heems "It's The Drug I'm Needing"
  33. George Clinton "Atomic Dog"
  34. Pinchers "Eat Man"
  35. The Raconteurs "Hands"
  36. Tingling Mother's Circus "Sunday Kind of Feelin'"
  37. David Bowie "Heroes"
  38. Liars "Houseclouds"
  39. Cilibrinas Do Eden "Nessas Altruras Dos Acontecimentos"
  40. The Zombies "Girl Help Me"
  41. Arcade Fire "Modern Man"
  42. Jacqueline Taieb "7 Heures du Matin"
  43. R.E.M. "Romance"
  44. Connie Smith "Haunted Heart"
  45. Harlem "Scare You"
  46. Dawes "When You Call My Name"
  47. Minks "Kusmi"
  48. Missing Honey "Orange & Lime"
  49. Cameo "Word Up"
  50. Bell "Bulgari"
  51. The Move "Until Your Moma's Gone"
  52. Storytellers "Cry With Me"
  53. The Go-Betweens "Cattle and Cane"
  54. Vernon Wray "Tailpipe"
  55. Little Dragon "Swimming"
  56. Tony Joe White "Willie and Laura Mae Jones"
  57. Billy Preston "Let The Music Play"
  58. Skip Bifferty "Come Around"
  59. Thom Yorke "The Hollow Earth"
  60. Janelle Monáe "Say You'll Go"
  61. Erase Errata "Other Animals Are No. 1"
  62. The Killers "When You Were Young"
  63. Wolf Parade "Same Ghost Every Night"
  64. Yuck "Sunrise In Maple Shade"
  65. Panthers "Thank Me With Your Hands (MSTRKRFT remix)
  66. Of Montreal "We Were Born the Mutants Again With Leafling"
  67. Sharon Van Etten "Love More" live /w Peter Silberman
  68. Benji Hughes "So Well"
  69. Beck "Mattress"
  70. Woods "Hand It Out"
  71. Marky Wildcat "The Beach"
  72. The Books "Free Translator"
  73. Gil Scott-Heron "The Bottle"
  74. Foreign Born "See Us Home"
  75. Polyrock "No Love Lost"
  76. Them Crooked Vultures "Interlude With Ludes"
  77. Clay Cole "Power Cycle Two"
  78. Festival "Zebulon"
  79. Damone "Overchay With Me"
  80. Rising Sons "Take A Giant Step"
  81. Beach Boys "Hold On Dear Brother"
  82. Françoise Hardy "La mer, les étoiles et le vent"
  83. Air "Eat My Beat"
  84. Harry Nilsson "Little Cowboy"
  85. Swamp Dogg "Predicament #2"
  86. The White Stripes "White Moon"
  87. Bobby Darin "Me and Mr. Hohner"
  88. Buggles "Video Killed The Radio Star"
  89. Radiohead "I Am Citizen Insane"
  90. Helado Negro "Time Aparts"
  91. Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Little Shadow"
  92. Frankie & Robert "Love (It's Been So Long)
  93. Cut Copy "Stars"
  94. Sweet "Fox On The Run"
  95. Ray Charles "Mess Around"
  96. M83 "Night"
  97. Wipers "No Fair" (Youth Of America Alternate Mix)
  98. Harper's Bizarre "All Through The Night"
  99. Slint "Nosferatu Man"
    Creepily, the next song to play was PJ Harvey's "The Slow Drug," which is prominently sampled in #32.