I just spent the last 8 weeks editing @miggles36 directorial debut, my first feature length film (non-documentary) as an editor. It's been one of the best experiences of my life.
  1. If you're not learning on the job, you're doing it wrong.
  2. If you work with the right collaborators, it shouldn't feel like work.
  3. Objectivity is totally subjective.
  4. If you're lacking a functional support system, create one.
  5. Consider every note or suggestion that comes your way. Look very closely at the ones you disagree with. You'll know when they're right.
  6. On that note, @zoe gives great note.
  7. Trust is as important as technical ability, maybe even more so.
  8. It is actually possible to edit a feature film in FCPX.
  9. If you're editing a feature film, you need an assistant editor. Or a post production supervisor. Do not let them tell you otherwise.
  10. I've been pronouncing "mozzarella" wrong my entire life.
  11. I'm completely okay with the fact that my excitement over this project has derailed my sleep patterns in a frightening way.
  12. It is difficult to license the music of Mariah Carey.
  13. Not being able to license the music of Mariah Carey will make your movie better.
  14. Take a break. Stretch. Go schvitz.
  15. Having some booze on hand at the office isn't the worst idea either.
  16. Don't do anything rash at the last second. Walk away.
  17. You never finishing editing something. You abandon it.
  18. The Indian restaurant on the left is great.
  19. When you're all done, it's okay to act like this http://bit.ly/1IAVxZ5