Some of these could be solved with new features to the app. Some are probably just my neuroses.
  1. You hit 'Publish List' instead of 'Save As Draft.'
    And the thing is nowhere near ready, so you screen cap it (for future re-construction) and delete. [Thank you Listapp geniuses for keeping them away from one another -- sometimes I'm not looking or thinking]
  2. You just leave 'Suggestions' sitting there.
    Because while you appreciate them, you kind of thought of that list as a self-contained thing. But you feel like a jerk. Sorry! [Please add suggestions to this list! I'll add them! I'm mostly very nice!]
  3. You invite someone who would excel at the List App, but they don't even download it.
    Just think of all those poor unborn lists.
  4. Having invites sitting there, but not knowing who to invite.
    You feel protective over this place.
  5. Constantly seeing 'Re-List'ed lists by people you've specifically chosen not to follow.
    Hate to be un-chill. But it'd be chill if you could hide people?
  6. When you meet a fellow List Apper and think you already follow them, but later realize you don't.
    And then hitting 'Follow' feels awkward, even though you're solving a problem.
  7. Sanctimonious and/or negative-vibed lists that kill your vibe.
    I often think back to @sophia's wonderful and indispensable o.g. list entitled LIST-APP ETIQUETTE. And I cringe to think of the negativity that awaits when the floodgates open. I've been glimpsing it in fits and starts, and it bums me out.
  8. Your fingers hurt from so much typing.
    It's a good hurt.
  9. You love the List App so much it hurts.
  10. Block feature
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  11. Ability to link to a list from another list
    Suggested by @ChrisK