So much happenstance revolving around the most delicious stall in Grand Central Market.
  1. Chef/owner Sara H.'s brother was interning at a production company I was working out of a year or so ago.
  2. Ate lunch there today with @hate_my_selfie (we both grew up with @zoe and @maya, but never knew each other), and she ran into her friend (and the person who invited her to the List App) @nc17
  3. Was talking about Madcapra last night with my pal Amber, who then shows up midway through lunch today. Turns out she's friends with the other chef/owner, Sara K.
  4. Woman next to us overheard me talking about the Sufjan tour, interrupts to say that A. she was at the show last night B. She and I matched up on Hinge last fall. She also shares a mutual friend with Amber, and is from Michigan -- like Sufjan.
  5. Every time I eat there, @gillianjacobs is there. Including today. The day she joined List App. Hello!
  6. Now eating Madcapra take-out for dinner.