1. I was committed to DJing three songs to an empty room last night, just when the party hit it's advertised start time.
    Empty save for one PRETTY cool guy.
  2. I was committed to continuing my set uninterrupted when my nose began to bleed during the fourth song.
    Been getting them my whole life. Too lazy to get it cauterized. Lil ball of toilet tissue in my nose hole did the trick. The song was "The Professor's Here" by Gary Davis, which I think of as a sort of theme song for weird men such as myself.
  3. I was committed to dancing in a vigorous, sexy, and spastic manner while DJing.
    Enabled by an iPad, long cable, decades of practice.
  4. I was committed to ordering far too many whiskey gingers for @yrfriendrachel way past my bedtime and possibly hers.
    Related: FOLLOW @yrfriendrachel people. If I lived in New York I would follow her everywhere. Until she told me to stop in the most gentle way possible.
  5. I'm heading in to work at 8:45 on a Sunday, deeply hungover (still drunk?), on 3.25 hours of sleep, because I am committed to cinema.
    And because I am my own assistant editor and my own post-production supervisor.
  6. I always dug that movie The Commitments.
    Mustang Sally now baby.
  7. I know that a deeply loving partnership would benefit my life immeasurably.
    I'm reading a self-help book on the train. Shut up.