1. We were both Tindering from the same bar.
  2. We tweeted the same joke during the Nashville season premiere.
  3. Wrong number dick pic.
  4. We were the only two people refilling our Adderall prescriptions at 4am.
  5. Front row. Podcast live recording. Snort laughed at the same thing.
  6. Had both been fucking with the same Fuckboi.
  7. We were the two people who passed out in the Mojave tent during Tycho (first weekend).
  8. Our secondary ran off with her primary.
  9. We were standing across the platform from each other, both wearing "World's Smallest Pussy" shirts.
  10. We left Scientology on the same day.
  11. I was selling merch at the show. She got the last 7-inch, if you catch my drift.
  12. Met on The List App.
  13. I had to pee so badly at a party that I ran into the bathroom without looking and she was already sitting there, peeing. I was embarrassed but I had to go so bad I just started pissing in the bathtub and I said hi to her as I sighed with relief.
    This is a hypothetical, not something that happened to me.
    Suggested by @samboyd
    Suggested by @miggles36