For @stamos.
  1. Woke up in my bunk around 9am. Got off the bus and walked a block to the Portland Regency Hotel.
    It was surprisingly warm outside.
  2. After a shower, I met up with my tour manager and walked over to Marcy's.
    Ordered a breakfast burrito, side of hobo hashbrowns, iced coffee, split a grilled tripleberry muffin. Bought a bottle of El Yucateco Black label reserve hot sauce -- a gift for the tour bus.
  3. Walked down to the new Tandem Coffee on Congress.
    They were closed! Monday, man...
  4. Walked back to Speckled Ace coffee.
    Noticed that most of the locals were in t-shirts.
  5. Went across the street to this record store called Moody Lords
    Bought the soundtracks to Diva and Privilege, and "The Mekons Rock n Roll."
  6. Was one of two people in the Nickelodeon Cinema for the 1:20 pm showing of Furious 7.
    Tour is tiring, so I passed during the climax. But I woke up for the Paul Walker sendoff.
  7. Dinner at Central Provisions.
    See earlier list.
  8. Internetting and early-to-sleep.
  9. This morning I checked out, rolled my luggage the five blocks to the Merrill Auditorium and loaded Sufjan merchA into the venue
    It rained last night, so the cobblestones were damp.
  10. Did some work at the venue and then met my buddy Nat Baldwin or lunch at Pai Men Miyake.
    Nat is in Dirty Projectors and is a fantastic solo artist as well. We both got the Tokyo Abura ramen.
  11. Tandem was open. We sat outside (amazing weather) and I drank an iced coffee. Brought back some Colombian beans for the tour manager.
    He rocks a pour-over situation in the production office.
  12. Back to the venue. More work.
    That's why I'm here. Despite what you may think.
  13. Dinner with Mandy at Slab.
    Incredible Sicilian pizza and an old fashion.
  14. Selling merch.
    Lovely crowd of Mainers. Tonight's show is almost over. Bus leaves at 1 am. Tomorrow: Albany!