Programming film screenings in college was a great honor for me, so this was a fun exercise that I took very seriously. The criteria for these titles: movies I want to see on a big screen this summer. All of these double features would occur indoors with the A/C on blast. Fuck a cemetery. And thank you @maya.
  1. Fat City / Jesus' Son
  2. Ex Machina / Out of the Past
    Because Ex Machina is secretly a film noir.
  3. Lovers On The Bridge / Head On
  4. Streets of Fire / Breathless
    That's the remake of Breathless, starring Richard Gere. A personal fave.
  5. Down And Out In Beverly Hills / Scenes From The Class Struggle In Beverly Hills
  6. Dressed To Kill / Bunny Lake Is Missing
  7. CQ / Danger Diabolik
  8. Cruising / Tenebre
  9. Love Me Tonight / Footlight Parade
  10. Bad Timing / Star 80
  11. California Split / Mikey & Nicky
  12. Get Crazy / Urgh! A Music War
  13. Dead Man / The Ox-Box Incident
  14. Heavyweights / PCU