My mind explodes.
  1. WATCH THIS: go to 14:30.
  2. I didn't know this existed until now.
  3. I am currently a year older than my dad was in this video.
  4. A friend of his found it and posted it on Facebook.
  5. For context, I believe around this time he would have been editing the film 'Humanoids From The Deep."
  6. His t-shirt fucking RULES!
  7. I giggled uncontrollably the moment the camera panned over to him.
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  8. He had more of a New York accent back then.
  9. Total fucking hipster.
  10. I am my dad, it turns out.
  11. Should I consider a mustache myself?
  12. The non-reaction reaction shot when they cut back to my dad also destroys me.
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  13. You can see director Joe Dante at 25:53. They must've gone to the taping together.
  14. Didn't Orson loathe Burt?
  15. My dad has absolutely no memory of this.
  16. My. Dad. Has. Absolutely. No. Memory. Of. This.
  17. WHAT