I do work on the road with bands, so this list comes from a place of experience and total fantasy.
  1. Local newspaper
  2. Local dog to pet
  3. 1 large bottle of Saison Dupont
  4. 12 Coopers Sparkling Ale
  5. 24 Tecate
  6. 1 bottle of red wine, low in tannin, Loire valley preferred
  7. 1 bottle small batch rye whisky
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  8. 1 bottle of mezcal
    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  9. 1 bottle of dry vermouth
    Only needed once a week
  10. 1 bottle of amaro, your choice
  11. 1 corkscrew/bottle opener
  12. Beans from the best local third-wave coffee place
  13. 6 bottles Stumpown cold brew
  14. 6 bottles assorted cold-pressed juice
  15. Master Brew kombucha: Grapefruit, Lavender Melon
  16. Bundaberg ginger beer
  17. Soft pretzels
  18. German grain mustard
  19. Pita bread
  20. Babaganoush, tzatziki, muhammara
  21. Big chunk of Pecorino Romano
  22. Beemster Gouda
  23. Cheese knife
  24. Assorted olives
  25. Avocados
  26. Limes
  27. Lemons
  28. A sharp knife
  29. Popcorn
  30. Goldfish crackers, Parmesan flavor
  31. Smoked sea salt
  32. Szechuan peppercorn peanuts
  33. Nutritional yeast
  34. Kale chips
  35. Assorted KIND bars
  36. Assorted Haribo gummi candy
  37. Take out menus for actual meals
  38. Bathroom is stocked with hand soap and paper towels
    Soap can be hard to come by
  39. Black towels, bath or beach size
    Venue's towels are always too small. And/or white and linty.
  40. Soap and shampoo and flip flops for showers
  41. Dressing room outfitted with a record player (not Crosley) and sound system, for playing the records I buy on tour.
    We will not be taking the record player
  42. 1 Criterion DVD
    Tour buses rarely have BluRay players
  43. 1 DVD of an underrated American comedy from the 70s, 80s, or 90s.
  44. Socks
    Suggested by @laure